Hola! I’m Rafael Merino, a Spanish designer with 16 years of experience in digital agencies and studios.  

I thrive working at the intersection between design, CGI and technology. 

I started getting interested in desing when I was 17 years old. I did it on the side during my evenings. Two years later, I was offered a job at Proximity BBDO, which allowed me to step into the industry at a very early age.

Later, I worked as an art director at two of the best latin digital agencies: Grupo W in Mexico and Doubleyou in Spain.

I currently work as Head of Art / Design Director at MRM McCann, where I lead a team of 20 designers / art directors working for clients such as Ikea, Mastercard, Santander Bank, Starbucks, Nestlé...

In 2017, we won the Entertainment Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2017 with ‘Cuanto’, a branded sci-fi film for Santander Bank.

For the last 5 years I have combined my position at MRM with the direction of Mach, my own design and CGI Lab. Mach allows me to experiment with new trends, techniques and visual languages beyond the most traditional advertising projects. 

Our studio has grown and recently we have started working for great clients such as Zara, Bulgari, Oysho...

Feel free to contact me:

Phone. +34 650 178 229

Instagram. @rafamerinogila


Rafa Merino.

Head of Art & Design Director.